Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Edgar Degas Woman Combing Her Hair painting

Edgar Degas Woman Combing Her Hair painting
Frederic Edwin Church Autumn painting
from the exhaust: Harry felt himself slipping backwards off what little of the seat he had. Hagrid flung backward upon him, barely maintaining his grip on the handlebars – "I think we've lost 'em Harry, I think we've done it!" yelled Hagrid.

   But Harry was not convinced; Fear lapped at him as he looked left and right for pursuers he was sure would come. . . . Why had they fallen back? One of them had still had a wand. . . . It's him. . . it's the real one. . . . They had said it right after he had tried to Disarm Stan. . . .

"We're nearly there, Harry, we've nearly made it!" shouted Hagrid.

   Harry felt the bike drop a little, though the lights down on the ground still seemed remote as stars.

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