Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jack Vettriano The Direct Approach

Jack Vettriano The Direct ApproachJack Vettriano The Defenders of VirtueJack Vettriano The Cocktail Shaker
programmers and their families were deployed liberally about the room, and stately windows looked out upon a tree-lined public square. On the day of the Great On-Turning two soberly dressed programmers with brief cases arrived and were shown discreetly into the office. They were aware that this day they would represent their entire race in its greatest moment, but they conducted themselves calmly and quietly as they seated themselves deferentially before the desk, opened their brief cases and took out their leather-bound \Their names were Lunkwill and Fook. For a few moments they sat in respectful silence, then, after exchanging a quiet glance with Fook, Lunkwill leaned forward and touched a small black panel. The subtlest of hums now in total active mode. After a pause it spoke to them in a voice rich resonant and deep. It said: "What is this great task for which I, Deep Thought, the second greatest the Universe of Time and Space have been called into existence?" Lunkwill and Fook glanced at each other in surprise. "Your task, O Computer ..." began Fook. "No, wait a minute, this isn't right," said Lunkwill, worried. "We distinctly designed this computer to be the greatest one ever and we're not making do with second best. Deep Thought," he addressed the computer, "are you not as we designed you to be, the greatest most powerful all time?" "I described myself as the second greatest," intoned Deep Thought, "and such I am."

Monday, December 29, 2008

Peeters Tyson's Creek

Peeters Tyson's CreekPeeters Turnberry LakePeeters Somerset BridgePeeters Scarborough Pond
Heart of Gold fled on silently through the night of space, now on conventional photon drive. Its crew of four were ill at ease knowing that they had been brought together not of their own volition or by simple coincidence, but by some curious principle of physics - as if relationships between people were susceptible to the same and unreal and she could find no thoughts to think about it. She watched the mice scurrying round the cage and running furiously in their little plastic treadwheels till they occupied her whole attention. Suddenly she shook herself and went back to the bridge to watch over the tiny flashing lights and figures that charted the ship's progress through the void. She wished she knew what it was she was trying not to think about. Zaphod couldn't sleep. He also wished he knew what it was that he wouldn't and molecules. As the ship's artificial night closed in they were each grateful to retire to separate cabins and try to rationalize their thoughts. Trillian couldn't sleep. She sat on a couch and stared at a small cage which contained her last and only links with Earth - two white mice that she had insisted Zaphod let her bring. She had expected not to see the planet again, but she was disturbed by her negative reaction to the planet's destruction. It seemed remote

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bierstadt Falls of St

Bierstadt Falls of StBierstadt Autumn Landscape The CatskillsBierstadt Autumn in America Oneida County New YorkBierstadt Westphalian Landscape
there is a good reason why you should be the best in the world: the market rewards the winners and reward them handsomely. The difference between number 1 and number 2 in a market is often huge.
It reminds me of a sayingMany people have big dreams but they aren’t prepared for the difficulties and challenges ahead. When they eventually meet the challenges, many of them get discouraged and quit.
So you need to prepare yourself from the beginning. Don’t expect the journey to be easy. Expect difficult times to come. If you are prepared with this possibility then the chance is much higher that you will be able to go through it successfully:Good is the worst enemy of best.Why is good the worst enemy of best? Because many people stop trying to get the best when they already get the good. Since the difference between best and good is huge, you can see how much they have lost.2. Expect a Dip ahead

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cassatt A Kiss For Baby Anne

Cassatt A Kiss For Baby AnneCassatt Auguste Reading to Her DaughterCassatt The Crochet LessonReni Susanna and the Elders
Ford stared at Arthur, who began to think that perhaps he did want to go to the Horse and Groom after all. "But what about my house ...?" he asked plaintively. Ford looked across to Mr Prosser, and suddenly a wicked thought struck him. "alarmed to find that Arthur had company. "Yes? Hello?" he called. "Has Mr Dent come to his senses yet?" "Can we for the moment," called Ford, "assume that he hasn't?" "Well?" sighed Mr Prosser. "And can we also assume," said Ford, "that he's going to be staying here all day?" "So?" "So all your men are going to be standing around all day doing nothing?" "Could be, could be ..." "Well, if you're resigned to doing that anyway, you don't actually need him to lie here all the time do you?" "What?"He wants to knock your house down?" "Yes, he wants to build ..." "And he can't because you're lying in front of the bulldozers?" "Yes, and ..." "I'm sure we can come to some arrangement," said Ford. "Excuse me!" he shouted. Mr Prosser (who was arguing with a spokesman for the bulldozer drivers about whether or not Arthur Dent constituted a mental hazard, and how much they should get paid if he did) looked around. He was surprised and slightly

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gockel Sandstone Florals IV

Gockel Sandstone Florals IVGockel Sandstone Florals IIIGockel Sandstone Florals IIGockel Sandstone Florals I
of the rally in his miniature airship.Corky suspected that in his perpetually fevered mind, Trotter also regarded the blimp as a last-ditch escape vehicle in the event that an abruptly declared dictatorship tried for any reason to seal off highway traffic in and out of major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and surrounding communities. He probably envisioned himself foiling the totalitarians on a night of a crescent moon, with enough light to navigate but not enough .”“I know, I know. Man, haven’t you busted my ass about it enough already

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rembrandt The Elevation Of The Cross painting

Rembrandt The Elevation Of The Cross paintingRembrandt David and Uriah paintingRembrandt Christ On The Cross painting
Maybe it did,” Corky said.“Janelle said no, it was fun.”“She do a lot of stretching exercises?”“Her work was stretching exercises. You will kill him?”“Promised you, didn’t I?”“I expected to grow old with her,” Mick said.“Really?”“Well, older, anyway.”[439] “I shot up his current collection of porcelains.”Instead of video porn, the walls here were lined compact printing press, lamination machines, a laser holography imprinter, and other high-tech equipment necessary for the production of the finest quality forged documents.At his central work station, Mick had already “Expensive?”“Lladro.”“Will you torture him before you kill him?”“Sure.”“You’re a good friend, Cork. You’re a pal.”“Well, we go back a long way.”“More than twenty years,” Mick said.“The world was a worse place then,” Corky said, meaning from an anarchist’s point of view.“A lot has fallen apart in our time,” Mick agreed. “But not as fast as we dreamed it would when we were crazy kids.”They smiled at each other.Had they been different men, they might have hugged.Instead, Mick said, “I’m ready to execute the Manheim package,” and led Corky to the back of the house, into his work rooms.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vincent van Gogh Wheatfield with Crows painting

Vincent van Gogh Wheatfield with Crows paintingVincent van Gogh The Starry Night paintingEdmund Blair Leighton God Speed painting
moonlight, by wish and hope and simple expectation. I’ve given up my car.”Amazed, Fric clenched the phone so hard that his hand ached, as if he might squeeze a few more revealing words from the mirror man.Mysterious Caller met silence with silence, waited.Of all the kinds of weirdness Fric had been expecting, this had not been on the list.Finally, say ‘shit’?”“I just did. But then I’m new at this, and I’m quite capable of making a mistake now and then.”“You’re still wearing your training wings.”“You could say that. Anyway, I don’t want to see any harm come [307] to you, Aelfric. But I alone can’t guarantee your safety. You’ve got to help save yourself from Moloch when he comes.” Beetles, snails, foreskins ...with a tremor of a different quality in his voice, he said, “Are you telling me you’re an angel?”“Do you believe I could be?”“My ... guardian angel?”Instead of answering directly, the mirror man said, “Believing is important in all this, Aelfric. In many ways, the world is what we make it, and our future is ours to shape.”“My father says that our future is in the stars, our fate set when we’re born.”“There’s much in your old man to admire, son, but as far as his thoughts on fate are concerned, he’s full of shit.”“Wow,” said Fric, “can angels

Friday, December 12, 2008

Francois Boucher The Interrupted Sleep painting

Francois Boucher The Interrupted Sleep paintingJohannes Vermeer The Love letter paintingJohannes Vermeer The Concert painting
directly to a prized corner table for four where only one man sits.This man’s name is Typhon, or so he would have you believe. He pronounces it tie-fon, and tells you on first meeting that he bears the name of a monsterlikable, the man can make a friend in a minute.He is impeccably dressed in a dark blue suit, white silk shirt, blue-and-red club tie, and red display handkerchief. His thick white hair has been cut by a stylist to stars and royalty. Unblemished skin smoothed by expensive emollients, bleached teeth, and manicured nails suggest that he takes pride in his appearance.[214] Typhon sits facing the room, pleasantly regal in demeanor, as might be a kindly from Greek mythology, a beast that traveled in storms and spread terror wherever the rain took it. Then he laughs, perhaps in recognition that his name is dramatically at odds with his appearance, his genteel style, and his polished manners.Nothing about Typhon appears the least monstrous or stormy. He is plump, white-haired, with a sweet androgynous face that would serve well in a movie as either that of a beatific nun or that of a saintly friar. His smile comes easily and often, and seems sincere. Soft-spoken, a good listener, irresistibly

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jean Fragonard The Musical Contest painting

Jean Fragonard The Musical Contest paintingJean Fragonard The Love Letter paintingJean Fragonard The Fountain of Love paintingJean Fragonard The Confession of Love painting
around selling Jesus,” he said irritably, wearily, and opened the door.From the armchair, Hazard couldn’t see who fired the shots. The hard scraps of his heart muscle through an exit wound in his back. He’d been mortuary material even as he fell.The death-blinded blue of the actor’s shock-widened eyes seemed [145] less cold than they had been He looked as if he needed some Jesus now.Hazard stepped over the body, out of the apartment. He saw the shooter reach the end of the hallway. The guy leaped down the stairs two at a time. Hazard went after him.boom, boom, boom of three rapid reports, however, told him that the killer was packing a high-caliber piece, maybe a .357, or bigger.Unless Seventh Day Adventists had adopted hard-sell techniques, Reynerd had been mistaken about the purpose of the caller.Hazard came up from the armchair on the second boom, reached for his bolstered pistol on the third.As mortal now as even Gable and Bogart had proved to be, Reynerd jolted backward, went down, casting a Technicolor splatter across the black-and-white apartment in which he had been so wide, so deep, so alive.Moving toward the actor, Hazard heard running footsteps in the public hall.Reynerd had taken three rounds point-blank in his broad chest, including one that must have punched significant

Edward Hopper New York New Haven and Hartford painting

Edward Hopper New York New Haven and Hartford paintingEdward Hopper Reclining Nude paintingFrederic Edwin Church The Andes of Ecuador paintingFrederic Edwin Church Mountains of Ecuador painting
name and telephone numbers; nevertheless, he gave the harried attendant a card with the same information.Ascending in the elevator, he half listened to one of Barenaked Ladies’ best songs reduced to nap all the way up to the seventh floor, where Dunny had died. When the elevator doors opened, he realized that he had needed to go \pressing the button for the main garage level, he rode up to the fifteenth floor before the cab started down again. People got on the elevator, got off, but Ethan hardly noticed them.His racing mind took him elsewhere. The incident at Reynerd’s apartment. Dead Dunny’s disappearance.Badgeless, Ethan nonetheless retained a cop’s intuition. He understood that two such extraordinary events, occurring in the same morning, could not be coincidental.The power of intuition alone, however, wasn’t sufficient to suggest the nature of the link between these uncanny occurrences. He might as well try to perform brain surgery by intuition.[56] Logic didn’t offer immediate answers, either. In this case, even Sherlock Holmes might have despaired at the odds of discovering the truth through deductive reasoning.In the garage, an arriving car traveled the rows in search of a parking space, turned a corner onto a down ramp, and another car came up out of the concrete abyss, behind headlights, like a deep

Monday, December 8, 2008

Claude Monet The Cape Martin painting

Claude Monet The Cape Martin paintingClaude Monet The Bridge at Argenteuil paintingClaude Monet Spring 1880 paintingClaude Monet Snow at Argenteuil painting
Building new income streams to the level where they are substantial enough for a living may take long time. So it’s important that you start early. Don’t wait until the financial problems come. While you can get back many things you lose, you won’t get back lost time. Use your time wisely.
2. Explore opportunities through side projectsAs I stated above, it takes time to build new income streams until they become substantial enough. So not only should you start early, but you should also be persistent. In any endeavor you take you will always go through failure period before you succeed. Don’t lose heart and don’t give up when you are going through such period. Understand that it’s part of your journey to success. Keep doing what it takes even if it doesn’t give you the results you want at the moment.
Exploring new opportunities is a must if you want to diversify your income. Creating side projects is perhaps the best way to do that. It allows you to explore opportunities without sacrificing your primary source of income. A promising side project can then become one of your main projects.This is what happens to me with this blog. started as a side project for me but now it grows to the point where it becomes one of my main projects.
3. Be persistent

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thomas Kinkade almost heaven painting

Thomas Kinkade almost heaven paintingThomas Kinkade A New Day Dawning painting
Lothlórien, so far as they could tell or remember. All the while that they dwelt there the sun shone clear, save for a gentle rain that fell at times, and passed away leaving all things fresh and clean. The air was cool and soft, as if it were early spring, yet they felt about them the deep and thoughtful quiet of winter. It seemed to them that they did little but eat and drink and rest, and walk among the trees; and it was enough.They had not seen the Lord
John Collier Lilith paintingWilliam Bouguereau The Abduction of Psyche painting
am weary in body and in heart.' He cast himself down upon his couch and fell at once into a long sleep.The others soon did the same, and no sound or dream disturbed their slumber. When they woke they found that the light of day was broad upon the lawn before the pavilion. and the fountain rose and fell glittering in the sun.They remained some days in and Lady again, and they had little speech with the Elven-folk; for few of these knew or would use the Westron tongue. Haldir had bidden them farewell and gone back again to the fences of the North, where great watch was now kept since the tidings of Moria that the Company had brought. Legolas was away much among the Galadhrim, and after the first night he did not sleep with the other companions, though he returned to eat and talk with them. Often he took Gimli with him when he went abroad in the land, and the others wondered at this change.Now as the companions sat or walked together they spoke of Gandalf, and all

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thomas Moran Autumn Landscape painting

Thomas Moran Autumn Landscape painting
Very well, I will take it,' said Frodo. Bilbo put it on him, and fastened Sting upon the glittering belt; and then Frodo put over the top his old weather-stained breeches, tunic, and jacket.'Just a plain hobbit you look,' said Bilbo. 'But there is more about you now I sit beside the fire and think
Jacques-Louis David Napoleon crossing the Alps paintingJoaquin Sorolla y Bastida Children on the Beach paintingThomas Gainsborough The Morning Walk painting
than appears on the surface. Good luck to you!' He turned away and looked out of the window, trying to hum a tune.'I cannot thank you as I should, Bilbo, for this, and for all our past kindnesses,' said Frodo.'Don't try!' said the old hobbit, turning round and slapping him on the back. `Ow!' he cried. `You are too hard now to slap! But there you are: Hobbits must stick together, and especially Bagginses. All I ask in return is: take as much care of yourself as you can. and bring back all the news you can, and any old songs and tales you can come by. I'll do my best to finish my book before you return. I should like to write the second book, if I am spared.' He broke off and turned to the window again, singing softly.I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen,of meadow-flowers and butterflies in summers that have been; Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were,with morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hopper The Martha McKeen of Wellfleet

Hopper The Martha McKeen of WellfleetHopper The Lighthouse at Two LightsHopper The Circle TheatreHopper The Barber Shop
the River and lay on the side nearest to them.'We must make for the Road again,' he said. 'We cannot hope to find a path through these hills. Whatever danger may beset it, the Road is our only way to the Ford.'As soon as they had eaten they set out again. They climbed slowly down the southern side of the ridge; but the way was much easier than they had expected, for the slope was far less steep on this side, and before long Frodo was able to ride again. Bill Ferny's poor old pony was developing an unexpected talent for picking out a path, and beginnings of a path, that climbed with many windings out of the woods below and faded away on the hill-top behind. In places it was now faint and overgrown, or choked with fallen stones and trees; but at one time it seemed to have been much used. It was a path made by strong arms and heavy feet. Here and there old trees had been cut or broken down, and large rocks cloven or heaved aside to make a way.for sparing its rider as many jolts as possible. The spirits of the party rose again. Even Frodo felt better in the morning light, but every now and again a mist seemed to obscure his sight, and he passed his hands over his eyes.Pippin was a little ahead of the others. Suddenly he turned round and called to them. 'There is a path here!' he cried.When they came up with him, they saw that he had made no mistake:there were clearly the

Monday, December 1, 2008

Matisse A Game of Bowls

Matisse A Game of BowlsSeurat Landscape with a HorseSeurat Gray weather Grande JatteSeurat Fort-Samson Grandcamp
were depressed. A heavy weight was settling steadily on Frodo’s heart, and he regretted now with every step forward that he had ever thought of challenging the menace of the trees. He was, indeed, just about to stop and propose going back (if that was still possible), when things took a new turn. The path stopped climbing, and became for a while nearly level. The dark trees drew aside, and ahead they could see the path going almost shaven crown.The hobbits led their ponies up, winding round and round until they reached the top. There they stood and gazed about them. The air was gleaming and sunlit, but hazy; and they could not see to any great distance. Near at hand the mist was now almost gone; though here and there it lay straight forward. Before them, but some distance off, there stood a green hill-top, treeless, rising like a bald head out of the encircling wood. The path seemed to be making directly for it.They now hurried forward again, delighted with the thought of climbing out for a while above the roof of the Forest. The path dipped, and then again began to climb upwards, leading them at last to the foot of the steep hillside. There it left the trees and faded into the turf. The wood stood all round the hill like thick hair that ended sharply in a circle round a

Hopper The Barber Shop

Hopper The Barber ShopHopper Sunlight on BrownstonesHopper Sun at OgunquitHopper Street Scene Glouceste
don’t know, and I would rather not guess,’ said Frodo. ‘All right, cousin Frodo! You can keep your secret for the present, if you want to be mysterious. In the meanwhile what are we to do? I should like a bite and a sup, but somehow I think we had better move on from here. Your talk of sniffing riders with invisible noses has unsettled me.’‘Yes, I think we will move on now,’ said Frodo; ‘but not on the road -in case that rider the road at the end of the long level over which it had run straight for some miles. At that point it bent left and went down into the lowlands of the Yale making for Stock; but a lane branched right, winding through a wood of ancient oak-trees on its way to Woodhall. ‘That is the way for us,’ said Frodo.Not far from the road-meeting they came on the huge hulk of a tree: it was still alive and had comes back, or another follows him. We ought to do a good step more today. Buckland is still miles away.’The shadows of the trees were long and thin on the grass, as they started off again. They now kept a stone’s throw to the left of the road, and kept out of sight of it as much as they could. But this hindered them; for the grass was thick and tussocky, and the ground uneven, and the trees began to draw together into thickets.The sun had gone down red behind the hills at their backs, and evening was coming on before they came back to leaves on the small branches that it had put out round the broken stumps of its long-fallen limbs; but it was