Friday, December 12, 2008

Francois Boucher The Interrupted Sleep painting

Francois Boucher The Interrupted Sleep paintingJohannes Vermeer The Love letter paintingJohannes Vermeer The Concert painting
directly to a prized corner table for four where only one man sits.This man’s name is Typhon, or so he would have you believe. He pronounces it tie-fon, and tells you on first meeting that he bears the name of a monsterlikable, the man can make a friend in a minute.He is impeccably dressed in a dark blue suit, white silk shirt, blue-and-red club tie, and red display handkerchief. His thick white hair has been cut by a stylist to stars and royalty. Unblemished skin smoothed by expensive emollients, bleached teeth, and manicured nails suggest that he takes pride in his appearance.[214] Typhon sits facing the room, pleasantly regal in demeanor, as might be a kindly from Greek mythology, a beast that traveled in storms and spread terror wherever the rain took it. Then he laughs, perhaps in recognition that his name is dramatically at odds with his appearance, his genteel style, and his polished manners.Nothing about Typhon appears the least monstrous or stormy. He is plump, white-haired, with a sweet androgynous face that would serve well in a movie as either that of a beatific nun or that of a saintly friar. His smile comes easily and often, and seems sincere. Soft-spoken, a good listener, irresistibly

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