Friday, October 31, 2008

Gustav Klimt The Virgins (Le Vergini) painting

Gustav Klimt The Virgins (Le Vergini) paintingGustav Klimt The Fulfillment (detail I) paintingGustav Klimt The Embrace (detail_ square) painting
His nose informed him that the sanatorium, or whatever the place called itself, was also beginning to stink to the heavens; jungle and farmyard odours mingled with a rich aroma similar to that of exotic spices sizzling in clarified butter -- coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamoms, cloves. "This is too much," he thought firmly. "Time to get a few things sorted out." He swung his legs out of bed, tried to stand up, and promptly fell to the floor, being utterly unaccustomed to his new legs. It took him around an hour to overcome this problem -- learning to walk by holding on to the bed and stumbling around it until his confidence grew. At length, and not a little unsteadily, he made his way to the nearest screen; whereupon the face of the immigration officer Stein Want to make your teeth look fashionably white—without the work? "Stick with blue-based red and pink lipsticks or clothes in dark colors," says Pia Lieb, D.D.S., a cosmetic dentist in New York City. Warm colors (yellow, orange, brown, warm shades of red) worn close to your mouth will only bring out the yellow in your teeth.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Henri Rousseau Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest painting

Henri Rousseau Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest paintingHenri Rousseau war paintingHenri Rousseau Two Monkeys in the Jungle painting
His thighs had grown uncommonly wide and powerful, as well as hairy. Below the knee the hairiness came to a halt, and his legs narrowed into tough, bony, almost fleshless calves, terminating in a pair of shiny, cloven hoofs, such as one might find on any billy-goat. Saladin was also taken aback by the sight of his phallus, greatly enlarged and embarrassingly erect, an organ that he had the greatest difficulty in acknowledging as his own. "What's this, then?" joked Novak -- the former "Hisser" -- giving it a playful tweak. "Fancy one of us, maybe?" Whereupon the "moaning" immigration officer, Joe Bruno, slapped his thigh, dug Novak in the ribs, and shouted, "Nah, that ain't it. Seems like we really got his goat." "I get it," Novak shouted back, as his fist accidentally punched Saladin in his newly enlarged testicles. "Hey! Hey!" howled Stein, These are the topics that Pavlina considers fundamental, and after reading his book, I think I agree. Consider the issues we’re always looking to tweak: our careers, relationships and other fairly surface issues. Pavlina set out to find commonality between all these problems we run into, on the grounds that there must be fairly universal approaches that could work across the boundaries between career and relationships. Pavlina’s criteria were simple:

Frederic Edwin Church Twilight in the Wilderness painting

Frederic Edwin Church Twilight in the Wilderness paintingFrederic Edwin Church Landscape with Waterfall paintingWilliam Merritt Chase View from Central Park painting
through the streets of gold, past pilgrims who lie unconscious while cutpurses earn their living. He hears the wine--blurred carousing through every golden-gleaming doorway, and feels the song and howling laughter and coin-chinkings hurting him like mortal insults. But he doesn't find what he's looking for, not here, so he moves away from the illuminated revelry of gold and begins to stalk the shadows, hunting the apparition of the lion.
And finds, after hours of searching, what he knew would be waiting, in a dark corner of the city's outer walls, the thing of his vision, the red manticore with the triple row of teeth. The manticorc has blue eyes and a mannish face and its voice is half-- trumpet and half-flute. It is fast as the wind, its nails are corkscrew talons and its tail hurls poisone& quills. It loves to feed on human China two and half thousand years ago one man, Kong Qui, and his followers, synthesised the traditions of the Chinese people to create what they believed were the fundamental principles of humanity. Of course what Westerners now call Confucianism has changed over the years, just like the other major philosophies that have flourished in the East: Buddhism and Taoism. But to have survived this long, these systems of thought must have at their cores a useful set of principles that help people live the 'good

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Salvador Dali Leda Atomica painting

Salvador Dali Leda Atomica paintingSalvador Dali Barcelona Mannequin paintingJoseph Mallord William Turner Portsmouth painting
shiftings and settlings in his throat which indicated that his voice had begun of its own accord to revert to its reliable, English self.
The first disturbing thing that happened to Mr. Chamcha on that flight was that he recognized, among his fellow-passengers, the woman of his dreams.The dream-woman had been shorter and less graceful than the real one, but the instant Chamcha saw her walking calmly up and down the aisles of _Bostan_ he remembered the nightmare. After Zeenat Vakil's departure he had fallen into a troubled sleep, and the premonition had come to him: the vision of a woman bomber with an almost inaudibly soft

Claude Monet La Japonaise painting

Claude Monet La Japonaise paintingClaude Monet Impression Sunrise paintingClaude Monet Argenteuil painting
What a nasty surprise! He had come awake with a jolt, and sat stiffly in his chair, ignoring alcohol and peanuts. How had the past bubbled up, in transmogrified vowels and vocab? What next? Would he take to putting coconut-oil in his hair? Would he take to squeezing his nostrils between thumb and forefinger, blowing noisily and drawing forth a glutinous silver arc of muck? Would he become a devotee of professional wrestling? What further, diabolic humiliations were in store? He should have known it was a mistake to _go after so long, how could it be other than a regression; it was an unnatural journey; a denial of time; a revolt against history; the whole thing was bound to be a disaster.
_I'm not myself_, he thought as a faint fluttering feeling began in the vicinity of his heart. But what does that mean, anyway, he added bitterly. After all, "les acteurs ne sont pas des gens", as the great ham Frederick had explained in _Les Enfants du Paradis_. Masks beneath masks until suddenly the bare

Monday, October 27, 2008

Edward Hopper Nighthawks painting

Edward Hopper Nighthawks paintingFrederic Edwin Church Sunset paintingTitian The Fall of Man painting
senator. And Caligula employed Cassius on all his most unpleasant errands and tasks -collection of taxes that were not really due, the seizure of property for offences never committed, the execution of innocent men. Recently he had made him torture a beautiful girl, well born too, called Quintilia. The story was as follows. Several young men had wanted to marry her, but the one whom her guardian had proposed, a member of the Scouts, she did not like at all. She begged him to let her choose one of the others; he consented, and the day for was fixed. The rejected Scout went to Caligula and brought an accusation against his rival, saying that he had blasphemed, speaking of his August Sovereign as "that bald-headed madame"; He cited Quintilia as a witness. Quintilia and her betrothed were brought before Caligula. Both denied the charge. Both were sentenced to the rack. Cassius's face revealed his disgust, for only slaves could legally be put to torture. So Caligula ordered him to supervise Quintilia's racking and turn the screws with his own hands. Quintilia did not utter a word or a cry throughout her ordeal and afterwards said to Cassius, who was so affected that he was weeping, "Poor Colonel, I bear you no grudge. Sometimes it must be hard to obey orders." Cassius said bitterly: "I wish I had died that day with Varus in the Teutoburger Forest

Friday, October 24, 2008

Juarez Machado Champagne Waiter painting

Juarez Machado Champagne Waiter paintingJuarez Machado Barbecue a Paris paintingAlfred Gockel Stroking the Keys painting
beast hunt. But the crowd was in an ugly temper. They booed and groaned and refused to pay any attention to the proceedings. Then a cry began at the other end of the Circus from the President's Box where Caligula was sitting: "Give up the informers! Give up the informers!" Caligula rose to command silence, but they howled him down. He sent Guards .with truncheons along to the part where noise was loudest and they whacked a few men on the head, but it began again more violently elsewhere. Caligula grew alarmed. He hurriedly left the amphitheatre, calling on me to take on the presidency from him. I did not welcome this at all and was much relieved, when I rose to speak, that the crowd gave me a courteous hearing and even shouted "Feliciter" which means "Good luck to you!" My voice is not strong. Caligula's was very strong: he could make himself heard from one end of Mars Field to the other. I had to find someone to repeat my speech after me. Mnester volunteered, and made it sound much better than it was.
I announced that the Emperor had unfortunately been called away

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tamara de Lempicka Portrait of Marjorie Ferry painting

Tamara de Lempicka Portrait of Marjorie Ferry paintingTamara de Lempicka Portrait of Ira paintingTamara de Lempicka Nude with Sails painting
reassure Agrippina (who was now in mourning for her sister Julilla, who had just died after a twenty-years exile in that wretched little island of Tremerus). So gradually I stopped visiting her house, to avoid embarrassment. I and EIia were man and wife only in name. The first thing she said to me when we went into our bridal-chamber was:
"Now understand, Claudius, that I don't want you to touch me and that if we ever have to sleep together again in one bed, like to-night, there'll be a coverlet between us, and the least movement you make-out you go. And another thing: you mind your own and I'll mind mine…"
I said. "Thank you: you have taken a great load off my mind."
She was a dreadful woman. She had the loud persistent eloquence of an auctioneer in the slave-market. I soon gave up trying to answer her back. Of course I still lived at Capua, and Elia never came to see me there, but Sejanus insisted that whenever I visited Rome I should be seen in her company as much as possible.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vincent van Gogh lying cow painting

Vincent van Gogh lying cow paintingVincent van Gogh The shepherdess paintingVincent van Gogh The Red Vineyard painting
Before you leave the office for the last time, you should have the contact information of every co-worker you plan to stay in touch with. There’s nothing wrong with making sure you connect with all of those individuals online through LinkedIn or Facebook. Hopefully, you had a good with your peers: these are people who you share a common interest in your industry, who will hear of new developments and job openings and generally can be good friends to have.
Personally, I’m always in favor of the farewell party: it’s a clear opportunity to exchange contact information and make sure you stay in touch. And do stay in touch — this isn’t high school, when you promised to be friends forever and didn’t talk after senior year.5. Do something memorable on your last day
Bake cookies. Hand out farewell cards. Do something to remind your co-workers that you will no longer be occupying the next cubicle over. For some people, this sort of action can be a matter of guaranteeing that you have that great or reference sealed up.

Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa Smile painting

Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa Smile painting
Thomas Gainsborough The Blue Boy paintingEdvard Munch The Scream painting
the Roman side. When I returned to Italy I began to write the book concurrently with my Etruscan history. I like having two tasks going at the same time: when I tire of one I turn to the other. But I am perhaps too careful a writer. I am not satisfied merely with copying from ancient authorities while there is any possible means of checking their statements by consulting other sources of information on the same subject, particularly accounts by writers of rival political parties. So these two histories, each of which I could have written in a year or two if I had been less conscientious, kept me busy between them for some twenty-five years. For every word I wrote I must have read many hundreds; and in the end I became a very good scholar both of Etruscan and Phoenician, and had a working knowledge of several other languages and dialects too, such as Numidian, Egyptian, Oscan and Faliscan. I finished the History of Carthage first.
Shortly after my dedication of the temple, which went off without a hitch, Furius had suddenly to take the field against Tacfarinas with the only

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rembrandt History Painting painting

Rembrandt History Painting painting
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres Perseus and Andromeda painting
tendency to pay him divine honours. There was another explanation of this cautious behaviour of his, namely that Livia had boasted in public that he was receiving the monarchy as a gift from her hands. She made the boast not only to strengthen her position as Augustus's widow but to warn Tiberius that if her crimes ever came to light he would be regarded as her accomplice, being the person who principally benefited from them. Naturally he wished to appear under no obligation to her but as having had the monarchy forced on him against his will by the Senate.
The Senate were profuse in their Hattery of Livia and wanted to confer
Guido Reni Baptism of Christ painting
many unheard-of honours on her. But Livia as a woman could not attend the debates in the Senate and was legally now under Tiberius's guardianship- he had become head of the Julian house. So having himself refused the title "Father of the Country" he had refused, on her behalf, the title "Mother of the Country" which had been offered her, on the ground that modesty would

Francisco de Goya paintings

Francisco de Goya paintings
Filippino Lippi paintings
metabolic state called ketosis, and starts burning its own fat for fuel,” says Lindsay Segal, a graduate student training to become a physician’s assistant. Granted, burning fat sounds like a good thing, but this is actually a dangerous state for the body to enter. We usually burn carbs for energy, which then fuels the brain, heart, and all those other necessary systems. But when our body is in this new mode, it produces substances called ketones, which can cause organs to fail and result in kidney stones and even kidney failure. According to the American Dietetic Association, ketones can dull the appetite, cause nausea, and even bad breath. Avoiding carbs—and the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you’d normally get from whole grains and fruit—means your body is missing out on a slew of cancer fighters. To avoid ketosis, add back at least 100 grams of carbohydrates every day.
Francisco de Zurbaran paintings
You’re feeling: Tired, unable to concentrateAdd to your diet: Carbs and fat (in place of some of that protein)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leonardo da Vinci The Virgin and Child With St Anne painting

Leonardo da Vinci The Virgin and Child With St Anne paintingLeonardo da Vinci St John the Baptist paintingLeonardo da Vinci Madonna with Yarnwinder painting
Empire was very big and needed more officials and senior army officers than the nobility and gentry were able to supply, in spite of constant recruiting to their ranks from the populace. When there were complaints from men of family about the vulgarity of these newcomers, Augustus used to answer testily that he chose the least vulgar he could send. The remedy was in their own hands, he said: the very man and woman of ran!; should marry young and breed as large a family as possible. The steady decrease in the number of births and in the governing classes became an obsession with Augustus.
On one occasion when the Noble Order of Knights, from whom the senators were chosen, complained of the severity of his laws against bachelors, he summoned the entire order into the Market Place for a lecture. When he had them assembled there he divided them up into two groups, the married and the unmarried. The unmarried were a very much larger group than the married and he addressed separate speeches to each group. He

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Edward Hopper Summertime painting

Edward Hopper Summertime paintingEdward Hopper Summer Evening paintingEdward Hopper Room in New York painting
uncomfortable position and that Marcellus himself had insulted you-I swear to you that Augustus never knew about this until just the other day he would have done all in his power to right matters. My frank opinion is that you have behaved like a sulky child -and he has treated you like a father who won't be bullied by that sort of behaviour. You say that he wrote you very cold letters. Were your own, then, written in such affectionate language? And what sort of a good-bye had you given him? I want to mediate between the two of you now, because if this breach continues it will be the ruin of us all. You both love each other dearly, as it is only right that the two greatest living Romans should. Augustus has told me that he is ready, as soon as you show your old openness to him, to renew the friendship on the same terms as before, or even more intimate ones."
"He said that?"
"His very words. May I tell him how grieved you are that you offended him, and may I explain that it was a

Thomas Kinkade Sunset at Riverbend Farm painting

Thomas Kinkade Sunset at Riverbend Farm paintingThomas Kinkade Make a Wish Cottage 2 paintingVincent van Gogh Wheat Fields painting
had been so long away from Rome that he was out of touch with City politics and did not feel capable of undertaking what was asked of him. Augustus, fearing that Agrippa, if he went to Rome in his present mood, would be more inclined to put himself forward as a champion of popular liberties than to support the Imperial government, dismissed him with words of gracious regret and hurriedly summoned Maecenas to ask his advice. Maecenas wanted permission to talk to Agrippa freely on Augustus's behalf and undertook to find out from him exactly on what terms he would do what was wanted of him. Augustus begged Macenas for God's sake to do so, "as quick as boiled asparagus" (a favourite expression of his). So Maecenas took Agrippa aside and said: "Now, old friend, what is it that you want? I realize that you think you have been badly treated, but I assure you that Augus tus has a right to think himself equally injured by you. Can't you see how badly you behaved towards him, by not being frank? It was an insult both to his justice and to his friendship for you. If you had explained that Marcellus's faction put you in a very

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Rene Magritte The Son of Man painting

Rene Magritte The Son of Man paintingRene Magritte The Dangerous Liaison paintingRene Magritte Homesickness painting
You consider this behavior as if it was defensive and it will protect you from being rejected or humiliated by the other person.
However, you are exaggerating your protective measures and you are aggressive with the person you love. Therefore, your behavior reflects a psychological problem. talking about the scientific method of dream interpretation, which provides you free psychotherapy for life. Once you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams you have the help of a free psychotherapist who keeps sending you wise messages in your dreams everyday for your entire life.
You need treatment. Don't worry though, because you can have it from your and spend once and for all a minimum amount in order to acquire the precious knowledge that will help you solve all the problems of your life forever.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thomas Kinkade New Horizons painting

Thomas Kinkade New Horizons paintingThomas Kinkade Mountain Paradise paintingThomas Kinkade Mountain Memories painting
When they turned Father Jackson was frowning again and looking at them just as he had looked at his nails. He quickly smiled, though not as nicely as he had smiled at Jesus, and changed his way of looking so that it did not seem that he was curious whether they were really clean. But he still looked as if he were displeased about something. They both looked back, wondering what he was displeased about. Was Catherine wetting her panties, Rufus wondered; he looked at her but she looked all right to him. What was Rufus doing that the man looked so unpleasant, Catherine wondered. She looked at him, but all he was doing was looking at the man. They both looked at him, wishing that if he was displeased with them he would tell them why instead of looking like that, and wishing that he would sit in some other chair. He looked at both of them, feeling that their rude staring was undermining his gaze and his silence, by which he had intended to impress them into a sufficiently solemn and receptive state for the things he intended to say to them; and wondering whether or no he should reprimand them. Surely, he decided, if they lack manners even at such a time as this, this is the time to speak of it.
“Children must not stare at their elders,” he said. “That is ill-bred.”
“Huh?” both of them asked. What’s

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guido Reni Baptism of Christ painting

Guido Reni Baptism of Christ paintingGuido Reni reni Aurora paintingFrancois Boucher Madame de Pompadour painting
And two or three other boys, in similar tones of kindness, respect and concern, would chime in, “Aw come on, tell us your name.”
And he was taken aback by all this kindness and concern, for they did not seem to act in that way towards him at any other time, and yet it did seem real. And after thinking a moment he would say, looking cautiously and earnestly, at the boy who had forgotten, “Do you promise you really honestly forgot?”
And looking back just as earnestly the boy said, “Cross my heart and body,” and did so.
Then there was a snicker again from somebody, and Rufus realized that some of them were undoubtedly teasing; but he felt that he did not much mind, if these central boys were not. So he paid no attention to the snickering and said to every one of the kind-looking, serious boys, “You promise you honestly aren’t teasing this time?” and they promised. Then he said, “If I tell you this time will you promise to do your very best to remember, and not ask me again?” and they said that they sure would, they crossed their hearts

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Henri Matisse Blue Nude I 1952 painting

Henri Matisse Blue Nude I 1952 paintingCassius Marcellus Coolidge A Friend in Need paintingEdvard Munch Puberty 1894 painting
By implementing a self administrated 401k that includes the ROTH contribution option. You are no doubt familiar with the Roth IRA which accepts after tax contributions resulting in ALL of the gains being TAX FREE forever.Also, the old Roth IRA limited a person to a maximum contribution of $5,000 - $6,000 per year. The 401k ROTH allows you to contribute based upon your age from $15,500(under 50) $20,500(age 50+) each year.
Now were talking some fire power when it comes to investing in real estate.
The other secret to supercharging your TAX FREE retirement is being in 100% total control of your plan. In addition;
The 401k Roth is the same concept...the contributions will NOT reduce your taxable income but ALL of the growth will be also be TAX FREE forever. The old Roth IRA downsides have been eliminated. There is no imposed income cap, you can make millions per year and still qualify to make the maximum contribution

Edmund Blair Leighton The End of The Song painting

Edmund Blair Leighton The End of The Song paintingFrank Dicksee Romeo and Juliet paintingJohn Singleton Copley Watson and the Shark painting
credit card listed. See some unfamiliar cards? Chances are your report contains information on cards you didn’t know you had.
If that’s true, first confirm that these cards are in fact yours. If someone is using your identity to open credit cards, this must be resolves as soon as possible. There’s also the possibility that the credit reporing agency has bad information. Clear any errors quickly by contacting the company that provided you with the credit report, like Experian, Transunion, or Equifax, and disputing the incorrect information.
Next, call the credit card companies for which you do not have your card and cancel your accounts with them. If you don’t have the card, you didn’t even know you were a customer. There’s no sense in keeping a credit line open if you didn’t know you had one and if you’ve survived thus far without needing it. The plan is to reduce your spending, so the simple solution is simply canceling the cards you haven’t been using.
If you consolidated your balances as suggested in step 4, you should have one or two

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ford Madox Brown The Coat of Many Colors painting

Ford Madox Brown The Coat of Many Colors paintingPierre Auguste Renoir La Loge paintingPierre Auguste Renoir Dance at Bougival painting
sang, “Swing low, sweet cherryut,” and that was the best song of all. “Comin for to care me home.” So glad and willing and peaceful. A cherryut was a sort of a beautiful wagon because home was too far to walk, a long, long way, but of course it was like a cherry, too, only he could not understand how a beautiful wagon and a cherry could be like each other, but they were. Home was a long, long way. Much too far to walk and you can only come home when God sends the cherryut for you. And it would care him home. He did not even try to imagine what home was like except of course it was even nicer than home where he lived, but he always knew it was home. He always especially knew how happy he was in his own home when he heard about the other home because then he always felt he knew exactly where he was and that made it good to be exactly there. His father loved to sing this song too and sometimes in the dark, on the porch, or lying out all together on a quilt in the back yard, they would sing it together. They would not be talking, just listening to the little

Monday, October 6, 2008

Claude Monet La Japonaise painting

Claude Monet La Japonaise paintingClaude Monet Impression Sunrise paintingClaude Monet Argenteuil painting
not your father, and besides you’ve always looked down at him. But he drove this thought so well away that he thought ill of himself for having believed it, and said, “Sweetheart, I’d rather wait and see what we hear in the morning, just as much as you would. It may all be a false alarm. I know Ralph goes off his trolley easy. But we just can’t afford to take that chance.”
“Of course not, Jay.” There was a loud stirring as she got from bed.
“What you up to?”
“Why, your breakfast,” she said, switching on the light. “Sakes alive!” she said, seeing the clock.
“Oh, Mary. Get on back to bed. I can pick up something downtown.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said, hurrying into her bathrobe.
“Honest, it would be just as easy,” he said. He liked night lunchrooms, and had not been in one since Rufus was born. He was very faintly disappointed. But still more, he was warmed by the simplicity with which she got up for him, thoroughly awake.

Richard Leblanc Valley of Poppies painting

Richard Leblanc Valley of Poppies paintingRichard Leblanc Sunlight Country paintingRichard Leblanc Sunlight Country detail painting
was not surprised. I had seen it in her mind all the summer. When she had gone I said to the doctor, ‘We must stop this nonsense.’
He said: ‘My business is with the body. It’s not my Business to argue whether people are better alive or dead, or what happens to them after death. I only try to keep them alive.’
‘And you said just now any shock would kill him. What could be worse for a man who fears death, as he does, than to have a priest brought to him - a priest he turned out when he had the strength?’

‘I think it may kill him.’
‘Then will you forbid it?’
‘I’ve no authority to forbid anything. I can only give my opinion.’
‘Cara, what do you think?’

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Paolo and Francesca painting

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Paolo and Francesca paintingDante Gabriel Rossetti A Sea Spell paintingDante Gabriel Rossetti A Vision of Fiammetta painting
The men are impotent.’
‘They haven’t the doctors.’
‘The doctors were Jewish.’
‘Now they’ve got consumption.’
‘Now they’ve got syphilis.’
‘Goering told a friend of mine...’
‘Goebbels told a friend of mine...’
‘Ribbentrop told me that the army just kept Hitler in power so long as he was able to get things for nothing. The moment anyone stands up to him, he’s finished. The army will shoot him.’
‘The Liberals will hang him.’
‘The Communists will tear him limb from limb.’
‘He’ll scupper himself.’
‘He’d do it now if it wasn’t for Chamberlain.’
‘If it wasn’t for Halifax.’
‘If it wasn’t for Sir Samuel Hoare.’
‘And the 1922Committee.’
‘Peace Pledge.’
‘Foreign Office.’

George Frederick Watts Creation painting

George Frederick Watts Creation paintingUnknown Artist Venice Grand Canal paintingUnknown Artist Grand Canal scene painting
Mr Kramm’s roses and sent them with my love to Julia.
She telephoned while I was being shaved.
‘W hat a deplorable thing to do, Charles! How unlike you!’
‘Don’t you like them?’
‘What can I do with roses on a day like this?’
‘Smell them.’
There was a pause and a rustle of unpacking. ‘They’ve absolutely no smell at all.’
‘What have you had for breakfast?’
‘Muscat grapes and cantaloupe’
‘When shall I see you?’
‘Before lunch. I’m busy till then with a masseuse.’
‘A masseuse?’

‘Yes, isn’t it peculiar? I’ve never had one before, except once when I hurt my shoulder hunting. What is it about being on a boat that makes everyone behave like a film star?’ ‘I don’t.’
‘How about these very embarrassing roses?’

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Edward Hopper Summer Interior painting

Edward Hopper Summer Interior paintingEdward Hopper Sailing paintingEdward Hopper Ryder's House painting
That’s exactly what Rex wanted to know. I suppose because I thought it was true. Not literally - though you must remember I was only twenty, and no one really knows the “facts of life” by being told them - but, of course, I didn’t mean it was true literally. I didn’t know how else to express it. I meant I was much too deep with Rex just to be able to say “the marriage arranged will not now take place”, and leave it at that. I wanted to be made an honest woman. I’ve been wanting it ever since come to think of it.’ ‘And then?’
‘And then the talks went on and on. Poor mummy. And priests came into it and aunts came into it. There were all kinds of suggestions - that Rex should go to Canada, that Father Mowbray should go to Rome and see if there were any possible grounds for an annulment; that I should go abroad for a year. In the middle of it Rex just telegraphed to papa: “Julia and I prefer wedding

Thomas Moran Cascading Water painting

Thomas Moran Cascading Water paintingThomas Moran Cascade Falls Yosemite paintingThomas Moran Venice, from near San Giorgio painting
the six of us over at my place?’
‘Certainly,’ said Sebastian.
‘We thought you were fairies when you came in.’
‘That was our extreme youth.’
Death’s Head giggled. ‘You’re a good sport,’ she said. ‘You’re very sweet really,’ said the Sickly Child. ‘I must just tell Mrs Mayfield we’re going out.’ It was still early, not long after midnight, when we regained the street. The commissionaire tried to persuade us to take a taxi. ‘I’ll look after your car, sir, I wouldn’t drive yourself, sir, really I wouldn’t.’
But Sebastian took the wheel and the two women sat one on the other beside him, to show him the way. Effie and Mulcaster and I sat in the back. I think we cheered a little as we drove off.
We did not drive far. We turned into Shaftesbury Avenue and were making for Piccadilly when we narrowly escaped a head-on collision with a taxi-cab. ‘For Christ’s sake, ‘ said Effie, ‘look where you’re going. D’you want to murder us all?’
‘Careless fellow that,’ said Sebastian.
‘It isn’t safe the way you’re driving,’ said Death’s Head. ‘Besides, we ought