Monday, September 29, 2008

Lorenzo Lotto paintings

Lorenzo Lotto paintings
Louis Aston Knight paintings
Leon Bazile Perrault paintings
Dick, you can’t think what I’ve been through in the last ten days. I’m living up there alone with only a door between me and a madman. He hates me, Dick, I know it. It is not imagination. Every night he comes and tries at my door and then shuffles off again. I can’t stand it. One night I shall forget and then God knows what that man will do to me.”
So it went on and one day I went up to Guy’s room in the morning. He was not there, but his scout was, and I found him in the act of taking the key from Guy’s bedroom door. I knew I had no right to ask him, but I said:
“Hullo, Ramsey, what are you doing with Mr. Legge’s key?”
Ramsey showed, as only a scout can show, that I had been guilty of a gross breach of good manners and answered me:
“The gentleman next door wanted it, sir. He has lost his and wanted to see if it would fit.”
“Did Mr. Legge say that you could take it?”
“No, sir. I did not think it necessary to ask him.”

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eugene de Blaas paintings

Eugene de Blaas paintings
Eduard Manet paintings
Edwin Austin Abbey paintings
Hullo, Peter,” he cried, shaking hands, “we were afraid that you mightn’t be able to get the train. I suppose you’ve had lunch?”
“Yes thanks, I managed to get some in town. Pretty fair rush though. Hold on a second while I find my ticket.” He handed Ralf his bag and began exploring his pockets. Finding it, at last, between the leaves of his school “blue-book,” he gave it to the collector and taking back his bag followed his brother out.
“Is that all the luggage you’ve got?” he asked, “That’s splendid; we shall be able to bring it up with us now. I’ve got the dog-cart outside. Moira’s looking after it. She was coming into Bulfrey to do some shopping so I asked her to come and meet you.”
Moira Gage was the daughter of the vicar of Bulfrey Combe. Peter’s age, she and her brother had been the constant companions of the Audley boys before they

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frederic Edwin Church The Icebergs painting

Frederic Edwin Church The Icebergs paintingFrederic Edwin Church Cotopaxi paintingFrederic Edwin Church Twilight in the Wilderness painting
advance. It is true, when I first took over, there were certain amateur associations that had sprung up during the World War—escaping prisoners, communist agents, Zionists, spies and so on. I soon put them out of . That is where my position in the police is a help. Now I can say I have a virtual monopoly. Our work increases every day. It is extraordinary how many people without the requisite facilities seem anxious to cross frontiers today. I also have a valued connection with the Neutralian government. Troublesome fellows whom they want to dispose of pass through my hands in large numbers. How much have you got?”
“About forty pounds.”
“Show me.”
Scott-King handed him his book of travellers’ cheques.
“But there are seventy pounds here.”
“Yes, but my hotel bill ...”
“There will be no time for that.”
“I am sorry,” said Scott-King firmly. “I could not possibly

Paul Gauguin The Yellow Christ painting

Paul Gauguin The Yellow Christ paintingPaul Gauguin The Vision After the Sermon paintingPaul Gauguin The Siesta painting
You know you’re a frightfully difficult man. I don’t know why I like you.”
“I know why I like you. Because you are so extremely easy.”
“Coming to the library?”
“I suppose so.”
When the library was open a prefect sat there entering in a ledger the books which boys took out. Charles as usual made his way to the case where the Art books were kept but before he had time to settle down, as he liked to do, he was accosted by Curtis-Dunne, the old new boy of last term in Brent’s. “Don’t you think it scandalous,” he said, “that on one of the few days of the week when we have the chance to use the library, we should have to kick our heels waiting until some semi-literate prefect chooses to turn up and take us in? I’ve taken the matter up with the good Frank.”
“Oh, and what did he say to that?”
“We’re trying to work out a scheme by which library privileges can be extended to those who seriously want them, people like you and me and I suppose the good Mercer.”
“I forget for the moment what form you are in.”
“Modern Upper. Please don’t think from that I am a scientist. It’s simply that in the Navy we had to drop Classics. My interests are entirely literary and political. And of course hedonistic.”

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Georges Seurat The Circus painting

Georges Seurat The Circus paintingGeorges Seurat Le Chahut paintingUnknown Artist Jasper Johns three flags painting
Well, I do. And I’ve got you a present.” She gave me the square parcel. “Open it.”
“I shan’t accept it,” I said unwrapping a box of cigars.
“But you must. You see, they’d be no good to me, would they? Are they good ones?”
“Yes,” I said, looking at the box. “Very good ones indeed.”
“The best?”
“Quite the best, but ...”
“That’s what the man in the shop said. Smoke one now.”
“Julia dear, I couldn’t. I’ve only just finished breakfast.”
She saw the point of that. “When will you smoke the first one? After luncheon? I’d like to think of you smoking the first one.”
“Julia, dear, it’s perfectly sweet of you, but I can’t, honestly ...”
“I know what you’re thinking, that I can’t afford it. Well, that’s all right. You see, Lucy gave me five pounds yesterday to buy a hat. I thought she would—she often does. But I had to wait and be sure. I’d got them ready, hidden yesterday evening

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gustav Klimt Fir Forest painting

Gustav Klimt Fir Forest paintingRaphael Deposition of Christ paintingGeorge Frederick Watts The Three Graces painting
of gentlemanly ease—would have been impossible to him. The truth was that, while excelling at Lely, my father could paint, very passably, in the manner of almost any of the masters of English portraiture and the private and public collections of the New World were richly representative of his versatility. Very few of his friends knew this traffic; to those who did, he defended it with complete candour. “Goodchild and Godley buy these pictures for what they are—my own work. They pay me no more than my dexterity merits. What they do with them afterwards is their own . It would ill become me to go officiously about the markets identifying my own handicraft and upsetting a number of perfectly contented people. It is a great deal better for them to look at beautiful pictures and enjoy them under a misconception about the date, than to make themselves dizzy by goggling at genuine Picassos.”
It was largely on account of his work for Goodchild and Godley that his studio was strictly reserved as a workshop. It was a separate building approached through the and it was excluded from general use. Once a year, when he went abroad it was “done out”; once a year, on the Sunday before sending-in day at the Royal Academy it was open to his

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unknown Artist Jasper Johns three flags painting

Unknown Artist Jasper Johns three flags paintingWilliam Blake The Resurrection paintingWilliam Blake Nebuchadnezzar painting
Three weeks later they arrived. Mr. MacDougal, the father, was a tall, lean man, with pince-nez and an interest in statistics. He was a territorial magnate to whom the Tomb estates appeared a cosy small-holding. He did not emphasize this in any boastful , but in his statistical zeal gave Mrs. Kent-Cumberland some staggering figures. “Is Bessie your only child?” asked Mrs. Kent-Cumberland.
“My only child and heir,” he replied, coming down to brass tacks at once. “I dare say you have been wondering what sort of settlement I shall be able to make on her. Now that, I regret to say, is a question I cannot answer accurately. We have good years, Mrs. Kent-Cumberland, and we have bad years. It all depends.”
“But I dare say that even in bad years the income is quite considerable?”
“In a bad year,” said Mr. MacDougal, “in a very

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thomas Gainsborough The Blue Boy painting

Thomas Gainsborough The Blue Boy paintingEdvard Munch The Scream paintingGustav Klimt Mother and Child detail from The Three Ages of Woman painting
And the three went off together.
Rip never quite knew how it came about that he and Alastair went up to Dr. Kakophilos’s sitting room. It was certainly not for a drink, because there was none there; nor did he know how it was that Dr. Kakophilos came to be wearing a crimson robe embroidered with gold symbols and a conical crimson hat. It only came to him quite suddenly that Dr. Kakophilos was wearing these clothes; and when it came it set him giggling, so uncontrollably that he had to sit on the bed. And Alastair began to laugh too, and they both sat on the bed for a long time laughing.
But quite suddenly Rip found that they had stopped laughing and that Dr. Kakophilos, still looking supremely ridiculous in his sacerdotal regalia, was talking to them ponderously about time and matter and spirit and a number of things which Rip had got through forty-three eventful years without considering.
“And so,” Dr. Kakophilos was saying, “you must breathe the fire and call upon Omraz the spirit of release and journey back through the centuries and recover the garnered wisdom

Marc Chagall I and the Village painting

Marc Chagall I and the Village paintingMarc Chagall Birthday paintingGeorges Seurat Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte painting
about; so they sturdily went through the recurring recreations due to their station. But with Prunella’s coming a new lightness was in the air; there were more parties and more dances and a point to everything. Mr. Brooks, who had never dined out before, found himself suddenly popular, and as his former exclusion had not worried him, he took his present vogue as a natural result of his daughter’s charm, was pleased by it and mildly embarrassed. He realized that she would soon want to get married and faced with equanimity the prospect of his inevitable return to solitude.
Meanwhile Benson and Kentish ran neck and neck through the crowded Azanian spring and no one could say with confidence which was leading—betting was slightly in favour of Benson, who had supper dances with her at the Caledonian and the Polo Club Balls—when there occurred the incident which shocked Azanian feeling to its core. Prunella Brooks was kidnapped.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rembrandt History Painting painting

Rembrandt History Painting paintingJean Auguste Dominique Ingres Perseus and Andromeda paintingGuido Reni Baptism of Christ painting
Darling. Do give me a job.”
“Well, I’m not paying much attention to casting at the moment—but I’ll bear you in mind.”
“Goodness. How you’ve changed in two days!”
“Yes!” said Simon, with great complacency. “Yes, I think I have. You see, for the first time in my life I have come into contact with Real . I’m going to give up novels. It was a mug’s anyway. The written word is dead—first the papyrus, then the printed book, now the film. The artist must no longer work alone. He is part of the age in which he lives; he must share (only of course, my dear Sylvia, in very different proportions) the weekly wage envelope of the proletarian. Vital art implies a corresponding set of social . Co-operation ... co-ordination ... the hive endeavour of the community directed to a single end ...”
Simon continued in this strain at some length, eating meantime a luncheon of Dickensian dimensions, until, in a small, miserable voice, Sylvia said: “It seems to me that you’ve fallen for some ghastly film star.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Henri Rousseau The Snake Charmer painting

Henri Rousseau The Snake Charmer paintingHenri Rousseau The Sleeping Gypsy paintingHenri Rousseau The Dream painting


“Do you know, I don’t think I can read mine. It’s rather unkind.”
“Oh, Basil, you must.”
“Please, Basil.”
This always happened when Basil played paper .
“No, I can’t, look it’s all scrumbled up.”
“Oh, Basil, dearest, do.”
“Oh, Basil, please.”
“Darling Basil, you must.”
“No, I won’t. Imogen will be in a rage with me.”
“No, she won’t, will you, Imogen?”
“Imogen, tell him you won’t be in a rage with him.”
“Basil, do read it please.”

Gustav Klimt Expectation (gold foil) painting

Gustav Klimt Expectation (gold foil) paintingGustav Klimt Death and Life paintingGustav Klimt Danae (detail) painting
For centuries, restaurants have been making the same fiscal error time and time again: serving delicious food at reasonable prices. Truly a Assuming the former, you'll get a blast and a half out of Guo-Li-Zhuang's tasteful interior decoration, soothing ambient music, and kitchen full of cooked animal members. And when it comes to man-meat, Guo-Li-Zhuang just can't be beat! They've got horse penis, goat penis, dog penis, pig penis, cock cock…why, they've got more penis than you can shake your dick at! (Dick shaking not recommended, as you risk losing your penis to another hungry customer). for fiduciary disaster. Here at least are eight restaurants that understand, to truly make a profit in the food Business, Are you suffering from a low sex drive? Lack confidence and virility? Love stuffing animal penises into your mouth? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, Guo-Li-Zhuang may just be the lunch spot for you. Or you may just be a want to guarantee your patrons eat as little as possible, then get the hell out. It's called "high turnover." Ask an economist.
#8.Guo-Li-Zhuang: A Penis Buffet

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fabian Perez Fabian Perez Brunette painting

Fabian Perez Fabian Perez Brunette paintingFabian Perez Balcony at Buenos Aires II paintingFabian Perez Balcony at Buenos Aires I painting
would have proceeded then to mount her, in defiance of my ownprogramme, but that some of my senses had yet to make her complete acquaintance; and having ejaculated I was able to put by lust and do her bidding with more clinical detachment. Once I'd come to know her from head to foot with my elbows, knees, ears, hams, testicles, and shoulderblades, I sniffed and tasted her, in that order, with similar thoroughness. These final researches were less novel to me, inasmuch as the goats make liberal use of nose and tongue, both to greet old acquaintances and make new ones, and to investigate their general environs. But of course they are without toes and recessed navels, for example, and use neither soap nor artificial scents; obviously too the difference between their diet and a lady human co-ed's (more than the difference in species) made my degustation of Anastasia no mere repetition of my former converse with Hedda O.T.S.T. or Redfearn's Tom. I familiarized myself, olfactorially and gustatorially, with her hair-oil, earwax, tears, saliva, snot, sweat, blood (from a pinprick on her left forefinger), lymph, urine, feces, skin-oil, vaginal secretion, and finger- and toenail parings -- I had had no lunch, and my stomach rumbled loudly -- and then stood by for further instruction.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Momento de Paz

Momento de PazJose Royo Azul MediterraneoPino Soft Light
asked for execution. Said he loved his son more than he loved the brotherhood of students. I imagine they'll oblige him."
"What is this!" Leonid cried. not. But what the heck anyhow, George! I'm going to start from scratch, what I meanunderstanding-wise. Things look different to a fellow's been through what I been through. I got a long ways to go."
"Pass you!" I declared.
"Into first grade,"he added wryly. "I might Graduate yet, one of these days. But the odds ain't much."
"They never are! Look for me at Founder's Hill tomorrow."
He now wept freely, and his wounded eye bled a little onto his cheeks. He supposed with a laugh that he'd have no more hallucinations, at least, and wondered aloud whether a mixture of blood and tears might be good for acne. "Come on," he said then to Leonid; "I'll show you the way to the Pedal Inn."
"Never mind," I said. "Look: you and Pete have ended your quarrel. Re-defect! Tell your stepfather his confession was selfish: he wants them to kill him so he won't have to kill himself. Then tell himthat's all right! Do you see?"
"George!" Leonid's forehead

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Edmund Blair Leighton paintings

Edmund Blair Leighton paintings
Eugene de Blaas paintings
Eduard Manet paintings
He opened and closed his hands and admitted he'd like nothing better than to watch us from the Observation Room, but acceded to Greene's veto of that idea. He could not refrain from pointing out, however, that the Treatment Room was soundproof; that if Anastasia had truly become her old obliging self again, one could do what one pleased with her; but that a closet near the couch was stocked with manacles, whips, and other instruments of sportive interrogation should I need or desire them.
"Now you quit that," Greene scolded. But he bade me anxiously to be careful for though he was sure I'd never step out of line, take-advantage-of-the-weaker-sexwise, we would be durned if a floozy like Lacey couldn't lead The Living Sakhyan Himself astray -- look what she'd done tohim behind the Old Chancellor's Mansion! I promised to keep both eyes open, reminded Dr. Sear that I sought merely illumination, not gratification of any appetite, normal or abnormal, and went into the Treatment Room, closing the door behind me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pietro Perugino paintings

Pietro Perugino paintings
Peter Paul Rubens paintings
Rudolf Ernst paintings
Greene was not abashed. "Get busy and have some, then! What's a marriage tell me you don't want a passel of your own! Aren't they the passèdest little scapers you ever laid eyes on? They're grown up now, of course. . ."
Though presumably he could not weep, Dr. Sear wiped the bandages near his eyes with a handkerchief and waved away the photographs as if the sight of them was more than he could bear. Greene sniffled and declared that, fool and flunker though he was in other respects, he'd been a loving father to his children, and Miss Sally Ann a loving mother, nobody could takethat away from them, and in this conviction they could go to the Gate content, fulfill-their-natural-purpose-on-this-campuswise. Satisfied, even inspired, I turned to Anastasia, and was surprised to observe that she too was in tears. I recalled her emotion on the occasion of my own recommending, for very different reasons, that Dr. and Mrs. Sears beget a child, and assumed that now, as then, she was weeping with pleasure for their sakes.
"Out of the mouths of babes,"I said cheerfully. "That's about what I was

Friday, September 5, 2008

Avtandil paintings

Avtandil paintings
Andy Warhol Superman
Alfred Gockel paintings
Max!" My voice bleated like a new kid's. Somewhere near in the cool dark had been a whining hum, which at my cry clicked off and unwound. The one sound then was a truckle of water, as from a tap or fountain.
A voice, not Max's, called from behind the wall of books. "Who that holler in my stacks?"
It was the query put by trolls. For all my anguish I trembled.
"Ain't no students belong in George's stacks. Who there?"
Footsteps came from where the hum had been, that I must think was the monster's snore. "It's only I," I answered. "Please, it's -- the Goat-Boy."
I saw come round behind, to the aisle I lay in, great baleful eyes; then a man, by the form of him, or troll in man's disguise -- but black as his lair. More dread

Danae (detail)

Danae (detail)The Persistence of MemoryThe Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory
turning flunked again, like before! Let go Mrs. Anastasia, should marry George! I don't mind!"
Stoker replied, with a measure of his former energy, that Leonid had never had a mind to mind with, or he'd have walked out of prison long since instead of trying to get himself Shafted in Max's place. As to divorcing his flunkèd wife --
"Not flunkèd!" Leonid shouted. "Is Passessness!"
"Be durn if she is!" Greene shouted back.
"Who cares?" Max cried. "Fail is pass, altogether!"
Croaker set up a clamor next door, prompted either by the argument or by sight of my stick, which he snatched from Stoker's hand and examined with a deal of lick and jabber. I let them all shout on, attending their debate but not joining it, and measured their several stances against the Answer until I'd found what I sought and done what I desired. From the bottom of my purse -- under Sakhyan's phial, the shophar, my damaged watch, the pocket-torch, and my partly chewed Assignment -- I fished forth my ID-card, wrongly signed, and from my jail-coat the bottle of Classmate X's all-round eradicator, snatched from Leonid in the nick of time. A few drops were undrunk; I poured them on the card.
"Argue while you can," Stoker said to Greene and Leonid, as if casually. "Two halfwits make a whole wit. Pity we can't Shaft the lot of you tomorrow, instead

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rembrandt Samson And Delilah painting

Rembrandt Samson And Delilah paintingGuido Reni The Archangel Michael paintingFrancois Boucher The Rape of Europa painting
stand here until it's actually carried out, I suppose?" he asked me. "Quite enough to've solved the problem, I should think."
The crowd outside had commenced a rhythmic shout. Do you know," Bray announced to the library-scientists and policemen, "this Goat-Boy's really a well-intentioned fellow at heart, I believe. And you can't say he lacks courage." Of me then he inquired, "You're sure you really want to do this? I thought you'd back down when the time came."
"I'm sure you did," I said. An elder official (the chief New Tammany Librarian, in fact), To me it sounded like "Let's go! Let's go!" or perhaps "Let him go!" but Bray maintained, and the others agreed, that it was "Get the Goat! Get the Goat!" In any case it bespoke the urgency and peril of the situation.
"Very well," I said; "which way is the Belly?"