Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unknown Artist Jasper Johns three flags painting

Unknown Artist Jasper Johns three flags paintingWilliam Blake The Resurrection paintingWilliam Blake Nebuchadnezzar painting
Three weeks later they arrived. Mr. MacDougal, the father, was a tall, lean man, with pince-nez and an interest in statistics. He was a territorial magnate to whom the Tomb estates appeared a cosy small-holding. He did not emphasize this in any boastful , but in his statistical zeal gave Mrs. Kent-Cumberland some staggering figures. “Is Bessie your only child?” asked Mrs. Kent-Cumberland.
“My only child and heir,” he replied, coming down to brass tacks at once. “I dare say you have been wondering what sort of settlement I shall be able to make on her. Now that, I regret to say, is a question I cannot answer accurately. We have good years, Mrs. Kent-Cumberland, and we have bad years. It all depends.”
“But I dare say that even in bad years the income is quite considerable?”
“In a bad year,” said Mr. MacDougal, “in a very

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