Sunday, November 2, 2008

Henri Rousseau Sleeping Gypsy painting

Henri Rousseau Sleeping Gypsy paintingHenri Rousseau Scout Attacked by a Tiger paintingHenri Rousseau Rendezvous in the Forest painting
ascetic pleasures of its taste. "The Empress," he points out, "drinks wine." Burgundies, clarets, hocks mingle their intoxicating corruptions within that body both fair and foul. The sin is enough to condemn her for all time without hope of redemption. The picture on his bedroom wall shows the Empress Ayesha holding, in both hands, a human skull filled with a dark red fluid. The Empress drinks blood, but the Imam is a water man. "Not for nothing do the peoples of our hot lands offer it reverence," the Monograph proclaims. "Water, preserver of . No civilized individual can refuse it to another. A grandmother, be her limbs ever so arthritically stiff, will rise at once and go to the tap if a small child should come to her and ask, pani, nani. Beware all those who blaspheme against it. Who pollutes it, dilutes his soul."
The Imam has often vented his rage upon the memory of the late Aga Khan, as a result of being shown the text of an interview in which the head of the Ismailis was observed drinking vintage champagne. _O, sir, this champagne is

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