Wednesday, November 12, 2008

William Bouguereau Two Sisters painting

William Bouguereau Two Sisters paintingWilliam Bouguereau The Wasp's Nest paintingWilliam Bouguereau The Nut Gatherers painting
how are you?"

   Ron's ears had turned bright red again. After glancing at Krum's invitation as if he did not believe a word of it, he said, much too loudly, "how come you're here?"
   "Your friend is not pleased to see me," said Krum, as they entered the now packed marquee. "Or is he a relative?" he added with a glance at Harry's red curly hair.    "Cousin." Harry muttered, but Krum was not really listening. His appearance was causing a stir, particularly amongst the veela cousins
"Fleur invited me," said Krum, eyebrows raised.

   Harry, who had no grudge against Krum, shook hands; then feeling that it would be prudent to remove Krum from Ron's vicinity, offered to show him his seat.

: He was, after all, a famous Quidditch player. While people were still craning their

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