Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jack Vettriano The Blue Gown

Jack Vettriano The Blue GownJack Vettriano The Birth of a DreamJack Vettriano The Billy Boys
song drew nearer, a girl's fresh voice filled the shadows of the lofty arches and Water appeared. Tall, slender and white as a pearl, she seemed to glide rather than to walk. Her movements were so soft and graceful that they were suspected rather than seen. A beautiful silvery dress waved and floated around her; and her hair decked with corals flowed at Fire, whose face was always like a red-hot coal. Fire angrily jumped to the ceiling, keeping his revenge for later. Meanwhile, the Cat went up to Water, very cautiously, and paid her ever so many compliments on her dress. I need hardly tell you that she did not mean a word of it; but she wished to be friendly with everybody, for she wanted their votes, to carry out her plan; and she was anxious at not seeing Bread, because she did not want to speak before the meeting was complete. below her knees. When Fire caught sight of her, like the rude and spiteful fellow that he was, he sneered: "She's not brought her umbrella!" But Water, who was really quite witty and who knew that she was the stronger of the two, chaffed him pleasantly and said, with a glance at his glowing nose: "I beg your pardon?.... I thought you might be speaking of a great red nose I saw the other day!..." The others began to laugh and poke fun

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