Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pierre Auguste Renoir Dance in the City

Pierre Auguste Renoir Dance in the CityAlexandre Cabanel Nymph and SatyrAlexandre Cabanel Fallen Angel
The New Hampshire Sweepstakes is launched as the first state lottery of modern times.
1974Massachusetts offers the first scratch-off lottery ticket in the United States.
1988Six states and the District of Columbia join to introduce a multistate lottery game called Lotto America. In 1992 the state legislatures propose selling long-term leases for the state lotteries to private buyers. None pass, and the U.S. Justice Department warns that some of the plans might violate federal law. But backers see a multibillion-dollar windfall in tough times, and they will likely try again.name is changed to Powerball.2000The Big game (the multistate lottery now called Mega Millions) pays out a $363 million jackpot, split between two winners-the biggest lottery prize up to this point.2002West Virginia contractor Jack Whittaker wins the biggest single-winner jackpot ever, $315 million, in the Powerball game. His win is followed by a run of bad luck, including arrests, lawsuits, and other tribulations.2007Bills in Texas and other

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