Monday, April 13, 2009

Andy Warhol Superman

Andy Warhol SupermanAndy Warhol SunsetAndy Warhol Shadows I
Walked into rocks a lot."
"He wandered in the wilderness for three months," said Brutha.
"That explains it, then," said the tortoise. "There's not a lot to eat there that isn't mushrooms."
"Perhaps you are a demon," said Brutha. "The Septateuch forbids us to have discourse with demons. Yet in resisting demons, says the Prophet Fruni, we may grow strong in faith-”
"Your teeth to abscess with red-hot heat!"
"I swear to his worldly incarnations!" said Brutha proudly. "And you say you're him?"
"I haven't been well lately," said the tortoise.
Its scrawny neck stretched out that I am the Great God Om, greatest of gods!"Brutha tapped the tortoise on the shell."Let me show you something, demon."He could feel his faith growing, if he listened hard. This wasn't the greatest statue of Om, but it was the closest. It was down in the pit level reserved for prisoners and heretics. And it was made of iron plates riveted together.The pits were deserted except for a couple of novices pushing a rough cart in the distance."It's a big bull," said the tortoise."The very likeness of the Great God Om in one of

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