Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jack Vettriano We Can't Tell Right from Wrong

Jack Vettriano We Can't Tell Right from WrongJack Vettriano WaltzersJack Vettriano Valentine Rose
more sharply: that's ridiculous, it's only a wall. All of him said: 'Oh. Since you put it like that . . . but what about the piano player?'looking up. The shovel thumped on the barrow.
'Only . . . something happened which probably wasn't usual . . .
'Sorry to hear that.'
Albert picked up the wheelbarrow and trundled it in the direction of the garden.
Susan knew what she was supposed to do. She was supposed to apologize, and then it'd turn out that crusty old Albert had a heart of gold, and they'd be friends after all, and he'd help her and tell her things, and
And she'd be some stupid girl who couldn't cope.
No.'I told you, I know just where to find one,' said Glod.A tiny part of him was amazed: I've hacked a hole in my own wall! It took me days to nail that wallpaper on properly.Albert was in the stable, with a shovel and a wheelbarrow.'Go well?' he said, when Susan's shadow appeared over the half‑door.'Er . . . yes . . . I suppose . . .''Pleased to hear it,' said Albert, without

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