Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Volegov Sun Drenched Garden painting

Volegov Sun Drenched Garden painting
Bierstadt Autumn in America Oneida County New York painting
Monet The Red Boats, Argenteuil painting
Waterhouse The Lady of Shalott painting
They are very pretty, ma'am -- an't they?" But then again, the dread of having been too civil, too encouraging herself, probably came over her, for she presently added,
"Do you not think they are something in Miss Morton's style of painting, ma'am? She does paint most delightfully. How beautifully her last landscape is done!"
"Beautifully indeed! But she does everything well."
Marianne could not bear this. She was already greatly displeased with Mrs. Ferrars; and such ill-timed praise of another, at Elinor's expense, though she had not any notion of what was principally meant by it, provoked her immediately to say with warmth,
"This is admiration of a very particular kind! -- what is Miss Morton to us? Who knows or who cares for her? It is Elinor of whom we think and speak."
And so saying, she took the screens out of her sister-in-law's hands to admire them herself as they ought to be admired.
Mrs. Ferrars looked exceedingly angry, and drawing herself up more stiffly than ever, pronounced in retort this bitter [philippic]: "Miss Morton is Lord Morton's daughter."

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