Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Carl Fredrik Aagard The Deer Park painting

Carl Fredrik Aagard The Deer Park paintingSalvador Dali The Great Masturbator painting
coming,' said Harry, almost before Dumbledore had finished speaking. Boiling with anger at Snape, his desire to do something desperate and risky had increased tenfold in the last few minutes. This seemed to show on Harry's face, for Dumbledore moved away from the window, and looked more closely at Harry, a slight crease between his silver eyebrows.
'What has happened to you?'
'Nothing,' lied Harry promptly.
'What has upset you?'
'I'm not upset.'
'Harry, you were never a good Occlumens -'
The word was the spark that ignited Harry's fury.
'Snape!' he said, very loudly, and Fawkes gave a soft squawk behind them. 'Snape's what's happened! He told Voldemort about the prophecy, it was him, he listened outside the door, Trelawney told me!'

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