Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tamara de Lempicka Girl Sleeping painting

Tamara de Lempicka Girl Sleeping paintingTamara de Lempicka Femme a la Colombe paintingTamara de Lempicka Dormeuse painting
case, but his hand had only just closed upon the iron ring of the door when he heard running footsteps on the other side. He looked round at Dumbledore, who gestured to him to retreat. Harry backed away, drawing his wand as he did so.
The door burst open and somebody erupted through it and shouted: 'Expelliarmus!'
Harry's body became instantly rigid and immobile, and he felt himself fall back against the Tower wall, propped like an unsteady statue, unable to move or speak. He could not understand how it had happened - Expelliarmus was not a Freezing Charm -
Then, by the light of the Mark, he saw Dumbledore's wand flying in an arc over the edge of the ramparts and under-stood ... Dumbledore had wordlessly immobilised Harry, and the second he had taken to perform the spell had cost him the chance of defending himself.
Standing against the ramparts, very white in the face, Dumbledore still showed no sign of panic or distress. He merely looked across at his disarmer and said, 'Good evening, Draco.'

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