Monday, August 25, 2008

Frank Dicksee Romeo and Juliet painting

Frank Dicksee Romeo and Juliet paintingJohn Singleton Copley Watson and the Shark paintingJohn Singleton Copley The Tribute Money painting
You never saw New Tammany proper before?" Greene asked. I shook my head. He topped the rise a few meters before me and, braking the cycle, called over his shoulder, "Well, there she sets, friend!" There was reverence in his voice; he had removed his fur cap, and his orange hair and outstretched hand gleamed like the tree-limbs in the light, which lit me too when Croaker came up beside him. "How 'boutthat, now!"
What had I imagined awould look like? I cannot remember. Photographs I had seen, descriptions I'd read, but with only the livestock-barns and the branch library for scale, I must have conceived the central campus of New Tammany as a slightly larger version of our stalls and pastures. Certainly I was not prepared for the spectacle before and beneath us. Sparkling in the purple dusk, it stretched out endlessly, endlessly. Avenues, towers, monuments; corridors of glass and steel; lakes and parks and marble colonnades; bridges and smokestacks, blinkers and beacons! Hundreds of messages flashed in every color, from here, from there, on roofs and cornices:FIND FACTS FAST -- ENCYCLOPEDIA TAMMANICA; DON'T BE SAD -- STUDY AD.; YOUR ROTCKEEPS

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