Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vincent van Gogh View of Arles with Irises

Vincent van Gogh View of Arles with IrisesVincent van Gogh The Old MillVincent van Gogh Girl in WhiteVincent van Gogh Four Cut Sunflowers
Sensations are emotionally processed in the amygdala, a specific part of the brain's limbic system. There, and in the hippocampus, decisions are made as to which information should remain in long-term memory. The more of the four subjects' brains. The scientists have already discovered a few structural peculiarities, which they plan to publish soon. About two dozen areas in the brain of their miracle woman are apparently larger than in an average person.
One day Jill Price hopes to learn more about what makes her so different powerfully the amygdala is activated, the greater the likelihood of a permanent memory. "But now here we have these four people who seem to violate this principle, because they also remember the most banal and inconsequential things," says McGaugh. He sighs. "I myself still can't remember when Bing Crosby died, even though I must've read it five times by now."McGaugh, together with colleague Larry Cahill and researchers at Harvard University, is currently evaluating nuclear magnetic resonance images

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