Thursday, April 2, 2009

Julius LeBlanc Stewart At Home

Julius LeBlanc Stewart At HomeTitian Sacred and Profane LoveFrancisco de Goya The Parasol
business. I’ve been watching you. That was your business, right enough.’
Bill Door thought deeply.
‘That sounds like it, yes. Have you got any family, Bill?’
‘That’s nice.’
I’M of things from foreign parts, you know. Bits of jewelry and suchlike. And we used to go dancing. He had very good calves, I remember. I like to see good legs on a man.’
She stared at the fire for a while.
‘See . . . he never come back one day. Just before we were going to be wed. Dad said he never should have tried to run the mountains that close to winter, but I know he wanted to do itAFRAID WE’VE LOST TOUCH.‘That’s a shame,’ said Miss Flitworth, and sounded as though she meant it. ‘We used to have some good times here in the old days. That was when my young man was alive, of course.’YOU HAVE A SON? said Bill, who was losing track.She gave him a sharp look.‘I invite you to think hard about the word “Miss”,’ she said.’We takes things like that seriously in these parts.’MY APOLOGIES.‘No, Rufus was his name. He was a smuggler, like dad. Not as good. though. I got to admit that. He was more artistic. He used to give me all sorts

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