Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guido Reni Girl with a Rose painting

Guido Reni Girl with a Rose paintingGuido Reni Angel of the Annunciation paintingFrancois Boucher Venus Consoling Love painting
masters, masters against chairmen; departments banded together into the units we know today, drawing their strength from heavy engineering and department heads had been, and on a far grander scale: where before an occasional sizar had been flogged, or a co-ed ravished by thedroit de Fauteuil , now thousands and millions of the ignorant were exploited by the learned. Mere kindergarteners were sent down into the Coal-Research diggings; pregnant sophomore girls toiled in sweat-labs and rat-infested carrels. Such were the abuses that drove the Pre-Schoolist poets to cry, "The Campus is realer than the Classroom!" while their counterparts in Philosophy asserted that all the ills of studentdom were effects of formal education. But however productive of great art, the Pre-Schoolist little consolation -- and no hope -- to the masses of illiterates in their sooty dorms and squalid auditoriums. These it was who commenced to turn, in desperation, to theConfraternité Administratif des Etudiants , from beneath whose scarlet pennant a new Grand Tutor, fierce-bearded and sour of visage, cried

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